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Are you sick & tired of public speaking nerves?

 Do you want to be a compelling speaker and take advantage of all opportunities that come with being a great speaker? Join the 4-week Public Speaking MasterClass with Tahinduka and turnaround your fortunes.

Public Speaking Mastercalss

Learn the Fundamentals of Public Speaking, overcoming anxiety, and non-verbal communication skills.

Career Coaching

Many times people are not sure about their career aspirations, join ETS to get guidance and advice about the current trends. Learn how to make an informed decision about your career goals today.

Public Speaking Masterclass

Learn the Fundamentals of Public Speaking, overcoming anxiety, and non-verbal communication skills.

Career Coaching

Make an informed decision about your career goals today.

1:1 Coaching

Learn from our experiences on what you could do differently.

Career Advice

Do you have all it takes? Learn from the experts about best practices and how best to navigate the career marketplace today.

Public Speaking Masterclass

Public speaking is a vital skill in both personal and professional contexts. Whether you aim to advance your career, influence others, or boost your confidence as a speaker, our tailored program is perfect for you. Throughout the 4-week duration, participants will acquire the essential tools for impactful public speaking. Joshua Tahinduka combines practical exercises with comprehensive knowledge to ensure learners gain a deep understanding of the subject. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  1. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  2. Overcoming Anxiety
  3. Non-Verbal Communication
  4. Persuasive Narratives
  5. Vocal Delivery

By the end of the masterclass, you will have acquired the skills and confidence necessary to excel as a public speaker. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your communication abilities and achieve your speaking goals in just four weeks.

Career Coaching

In today’s world, finding a fulfilling career is crucial, but job searching and changing careers can be overwhelming. Our team provides valuable guidance and support throughout this journey, helping you reach your full potential. Whether it’s identifying your dream career, making a change, or excelling in interviews, our dedicated team is here to help you achieve your career goals with confidence. We provide comprehensive support for your career journey, offering assistance in various areas:

1. Job Interview Preparation
2. LinkedIn Profile Revamping
3. Resume & Cover Letter Writing


About Joshua

Mr. Joshua Tahinduka is an experienced soft skills trainer, coach, and public speaker with over a decade of training experience. He is an award-winning public speaker who has dedicated his life to helping professionals achieve confidence and improve effectiveness in Soft Skills, specifically public speaking and leadership through coaching and mentorship. He is also a long-time member of Toastmasters International, a renowned global organization that trains on Communication and Leadership.

His work in the area of soft skills development has benefited both private, NGOs and Government organisations some of which include MTN Rwanda, Young Women Christian Association(YWCA), Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority(RURA), Development Alternatives Incorporated( INGO), Imbuto Foundation( IF), OLEA CUZO to mention but a few.


“A highlight of our Peer Coaching weekend was the group bonding and personal development training by Joshua “Tahinduka. He managed to create a fun and highly engaging session for all participants. Through various games and group exercises we could learn about and reflect on leadership, communication, collaboration, and group dynamics. Joshua is a natural trainer who can deliver highly qualitative trainings in a fun though serious manner, keep everyone engaged and using the knowledge that is present in the group well. Thanks a lot Joshua for elevating our group and giving our Peer Coaching weekend such a great kickstart!”

René van der Velden

Engineering Manager

“The training generally was helpful but what I loved the most is the feedback that I received from everyone where they suggested to me some areas where I could improve myself and what they liked from my presentation.”

Daine Uwamaliya

The training was informative and I gained tools to utilize in my forthcoming speeches. For example the 4 P’s of voice and the PREP technique in public speaking. I would recommend a friend to take this Masterclass in the quest to overcome the anxiety that elevates while giving a speech. I am grateful to our facilitators for imparting such a great skill to us. It was marvelous being part of this Masterclass in public speaking.” 

Alex Shyaka

About Sheila

Ms. Sheila Umutoni, a dynamic co-founder of Elevated Training Solutions, a renowned company specializing in leadership and communication training. Despite her educational background as a lawyer, Sheila’s true passion lies in the realm of people development. With over three years of valuable work experience, she not only heads operations but also serves as an associate trainer at Elevate Training Solutions.

As a co-founder of Elevated Training Solutions, Sheila has played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a growing provider of comprehensive leadership and communication training. Her multifaceted role as the head of operations and an associate trainer showcases her versatility and expertise in managing the company’s day-to-day activities while actively contributing to the training programs.

Sheila’s ability to connect with individuals and facilitate meaningful growth sets her apart as an exceptional associate trainer. Her dedication to empowering others and fostering effective communication and leadership skills leaves a lasting impact on participants. Sheila’s unique blend of legal acumen and a people-centric approach makes her training sessions insightful and transformative.

Additionally, Ms. Sheila Umutoni holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Membership at Elevated Speakers Toastmasters club, further highlighting her commitment to personal and professional growth through effective communication.

With Sheila Umutoni at the forefront, Elevated Training Solutions continues to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential, creating a lasting impact in the realm of leadership and communication training.

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